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  • The search for a water revolution

    The Statesman / 29 March 2017
    As the adversities of climatic aberrations start making inroads into global water resource development strategies, the need to protect and conserve freshwater resources and impetus to search for...
  • The algebra of Uttar Pradesh election results

    Live Mint / 22 March 2017
    Uttar Pradesh stands for a floating signifier of whatever urban, educated India doesn’t. Covering 7.3% of the area of India and 16.16% of India’s population, it is crammed with 200 million people...
  • Water versus Energy

    Millenniumpost / 16 March 2017
    Recent coal bed methane (CBM) exploration initiatives proposed for Cauvery Delta (Nagapattinum, Thanjavur, and Tiruvarur Districts) in Tamil Nadu have triggered a feisty three-pronged battle of wits...
  • Digital India needs to make space for waste

    Daily O / 23 February 2017
    Sustainable waste management has emerged as one of the stealthiest challenges that international authorities are facing these days. Recent findings on the waste-climate nexus further perplex experts...
  • Lapses in monitoring

    Deccan Herald / 20 February 2017
    In India, potable water quality impairment is astoundingly diverse and appalling. Fluoride levels, above permissible limits, are reported from 19 states, salinity from 15, iron from 21 while nitrate...
  • The Ivy League’s dark history shows it is not easy to reject charity that involves dirty money

    Quartz India / 17 February 2017
    One of the oldest British buildings in India is St. Mary’s Church in the southern city of Chennai. Constructed between 1678 and 1680, it is perhaps the oldest Anglican Church east of Suez....
  • Enriched By The ‘Outsider

    The Indian Express / 16 February 2017
    For Cuba, 1980 was an eventful year. Between May and September, as many as 1,25,000 Cubans had left the port of Mariel in Cuba for Miami in Florida. The situation ended when then US president Jimmy...
  • The algebra of the Bihar assembly

    Live Mint / 17 November 2015
    The Bihar assembly elections are over. Commentaries on rationalizing failed predictions have started pouring in. For most, the election results were a surprise—a humiliating defeat of the Bharatiya...