Jindal Fellowship Programme

Course Start Date

1st August, 2020

Course End Date

31 July 2021


One Year

Last Date to Apply 25 July 2020 (Rolling Admissions)

Program Fee (Yearly)

Rs. 5 Lacs

Programme Details

Jindal Fellowship Programme (JFP)

Jindal Fellowship Programme is designed to take your undergraduate education to the next level by allowing you to achieve in-depth understanding of the domains you have begun to explore. This will be a year of pure learning with application of innovative concepts and research tools. As a JFP scholar you will be engaged in active research within a professional space. 


Jindal Fellowship Program is designed for students who have completed their undergraduate degree in any field and related fields and who wish to enhance their knowledge in specific areas of Humanities & Social Sciences through research and writing.

Program Details

Jindal Fellowship Program is a one-year program that will train students in advanced research skills. In addition to carrying out individualized research, students will undertake an extended internship of up to four months during the second semester. The internship will be related to their further study and career plans.  Students will work closely with a mentor who has expertise in their chosen field of study. Major areas of concentration available to Fellowship students include; Psychology, Economics, International Business, Political Science, Literature, History and Global Studies. Students will need to complete courses and internships worth 30 credits.


Candidates must have earned an undergraduate degree from a UGC recognized and fully accredited institution in India or abroad. Candidates with exceptional academic and/or extracurricular records are encouraged to apply.

Course Structure

Advanced Writing (4 credits): The intensive and immersive writing program encourages students to consider their written work in their embedded environment; one that is constituted through many historical, cultural and political determinants but is mediated through different forms of technology.


Advanced Research Methods (4 credits): This course will examine ways of integrating disciplines with methodology that is both academically and socially relevant.


Introduction to Future Studies (4 credits): This interdisciplinary course attempts to compose probable futures by discovering, debating and (re)constructing assumptions and patterns of change and stability of systems.


Advanced study (4 credits each): Students choose one or two advanced level courses in their area of interest.


Optional Language  Study – Available options include Spanish, French, German and Mandarin.

Internship (8 Credits): Each student will do an internship from January- April in an organization, institute or with an individual that coincides with the student’s area of interest, career and study goals.


Advanced Research Report (6 Credits)

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