Our institutional, academic and administrative functioning is geared towards enabling, supporting and   encouraging our faculty members to undertake rigorous, transdisciplinary, and collaborative research. Over the past six years, JGU’s faculty members have collectively produced over 800 publications. These include research papers and articles published in national and international journals, edited and authored books, book chapters and several research reports, many of which have been in some of the world’s most prestigious journals and publishing houses. Over 50% of these publications are international publications and over 50% are published in other journals. A mark of our success relates to JGU faculty research being increasingly referred to by scholars and practitioners around the world. JGU’s schools also produce several types of periodic publications in order to disseminate our research work to a wider public audience. These publications include faculty and student edited journals, briefs, and reports.

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Kamra, Lipika

Women voters and the 2019 Indian elections Journal Article


Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Indian elections, Women voters


Kaushik, Arun Kumar

There’s a good case Journal Article


Links | BibTeX | Tags: Minimising election expenditure, Simultaneous elections-India

Mimi Roy, Sriroop Chaudhuri

Appraisal of WaSH (water-sanitation-hygiene) infrastructure using a composite index, spatial algorithms and sociodemographic correlates in rural India Journal Article


Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Gini coefficient, LISA, WaSH quality index, Wastewater drainage

Sriroopm Chaudhari, Mimi Roy

Cities and climate change Journal Article


Links | BibTeX | Tags: Cities india, Climate change, Urban Development India

Sriroop Chaudhari, Mimi Roy

Rural sanitation in India: the poo party Journal Article


Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: No Bride” campaign Public health, No Toilet, Rural sanitation in India

Sriroop Choudhuri Mimi Roy, Armin Rosencranz

What India can learn from China’s Environment Protection Reforms Journal Article


Links | BibTeX | Tags: Environment protection reforms in China, Learnings for India

Kaushik, Arun Kumar

Gujarat Assembly poll produces representative mandate Journal Article


Links | BibTeX | Tags: Bhartiya Janata Party, Gujarat Assembly poll


S.G Sreejith, Yugank Goyal

Institutional cost of international space law Journal Article


Links | BibTeX | Tags: International space law

Goyal, Yugank

Phoenix of interdisciplinarity in higher education Journal Article


Links | BibTeX | Tags: Higher Education

Sriroop Chaudhury, Mimi Roy

Reflections on groundwater quality and urban-rural disparity in drinking water sources in the state of Haryana, India Journal Article


Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Drinking Water, Fluoride, Nitrate, Water Quality

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