Yugank Goyal

Associate Professor and Assistant Dean (Research), Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities Deputy Director, International Institute for Higher Education Research & Capacity Building Honorary Research Fellow, Jindal Global Law School

Ph.D. (Hamburg, Rotterdam and Bologna – Erasmus Mundus Fellow), LL.M. (Manchester), B.Tech. (Surat, India)
  • +91-1304091835

Yugank Goyal is associate professor of economics. He received his joint doctorate from  Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Bologna and University of Hamburg. Earlier, he majored in law and economics from the same universities (and University of Manchester) for his masters. For both his masters and Ph.D., he was the Erasmus Mundus Fellow. He has an engineering degree from National Institute of Technology, Surat in India. 

He is the founding faculty member of OP Jindal Global University, where he assumed crucial role in institution building during its founding stage. He has been the assistant dean for research hand international collaboration, both in its law school as well as in the school of humanities.

He enjoys doing interdisciplinary research and has been, of late, focusing more on institutions and knowledge, law and development, regulation and informality.

Yugank has taught in visiting capacity at IIM Ahmedabad, Vedica Scholars Programme, FLAME University and has been the docent at the Harvard Law School’s  Institute for Global Law & Policy. He routinely offers research advisory to organizations and government departments on public policy, regulatory and higher education. He sits on the Governing Council of the Indian School of Public Policy, and on the boards of emerging technology start-ups in India.

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Yugank has taught Economics, Economic Analysis of Law, Institutions, Mathematical Thinking and Ethics. His course design is highly interdisciplinary.

His research has been under the broad umbrellas of regulation, markets and informality, knowledge structures, ethics, public policy, higher education, psephology and intellectual property rights.

Yugank led a unique project to prepare Gazetteer of Karnal district in Haryana in 2015-16. The project was awarded by government of Haryana and was conceptualized and executed under his leadership. This Gazetteer, arguably, is the first ever effort to be organized and written by someone outside the government. With a team of 32 scholars and researchers, the first volume was written and submitted in a span of merely five months.

The release is pending, but the Executive Summary can be downloaded here. For the complete gazetteer, please get in touch with him (email). 

To get a sense of what are gazetteers, please visit the Digital South Asia Library archives by UChicago here, or the Indian government archives here.